NewAsianTV a Big Source of Entertainment

People are getting bored sitting idle at home during this lockdown. Entertainment is a big issue here to make every tiring moment enjoyable. So people are giving more effort to keep them busy anyhow. As a result, they are getting online addicted. People have gone crazy about finding out something like their mind loves to watch as an entertainment source. NewAsianTV is such a complete source of entertainment that the audience must love. It’s a platform where you can find your taste of entertainment & amusement.

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 It is a big platform for Asian dramas & movies. People from all over the world are a fan of Asian entertainment factors. Asian culture, thoughts, Asian fashion, and language throwing skills all attract people much. NewAsianTV made a space for Asian drama lover fans so that they can easily enjoy Asian dramas & shows with high-quality videos. We all always try to get high resolute quality & try to find a platform where we can watch the latest videos and shows online.

 An easy to understand interface with subtitles makes a site worthy for a visitor. So a newbie can easily find his or her favorite shows there. It’s very tough to find an ideal website to watch videos online. But if you are scrolling over this article, no more scrolling. Hold on & read carefully. You are going to explore a great treasure like NewAsianTV.

Why NewAsianTV is More Than a TV 

When we sit in front of the TV, we can watch movies, TV-series, Dramacool, news, shows, etc. Similarly, on NewAsianTV, you can explore everything including popular Asian dramas like Korean drama, Chinese & Japanese, etc. So what’s not here which you will get on TV. You can not watch exclusive k-dramas or Asian dramas on TV but you can watch them on it. So, isn’t this site is more than a TV? Here you can upload and share videos with your friends. Unlimited contents from old to exclusive will blow your mind away.

 It’s a platform of addiction for movie and drama lovers because all featured audios and videos must attract you. All exclusive update news of Asian showbiz stars & celebrities makes it more famous. So you can not hold yourself back from it. Besides, its user-friendly interface is very eye-catching and steady. From child to old anybody can use it. It has a lot of content collection. So you will never get bored. From the menu bar, you can select the genre or your favorite country shows.

It is available across the whole world. So it’s easy to access for anyone. It’s a must-visit site among all other sites to watch Asian and Korean popular content and dramas. Mystery, history, romance, animation, action, horror, music, crime, thriller all of these genres are notably available here. You will be amazed to hear that you can read a brief description of every episode plot.

 Even English subtitles, duration details, and released date everything available when you click on the thumbnail. Without sign-in requirements, anyone will be able to enjoy all content at zero cost. The site is very safe to watch. Each & every content is legally included here. Browsing this site doesn’t require any confidential information. So you are undoubtedly safe & secured to watch.

Watch World’s Popular K-drama on NewAsianTV 

Everybody must acknowledge that k-drama is becoming more and more popular these days. It is not only popular in Asia but also K-drama is popular across the whole world. You can see that k-drama fans are here and there. So it is clear that k-drama plays a vital role in the entertainment sector. A report shows that about nine hundred million hours of content are streaming online related to k-drama.

 So you can understand how addicted k-dramas are! People are madly hunger for newly released episodes. So they eagerly wait for it. This is none other than a site where k-fans will meet up their hunger by watching exclusive episodes with subtitles.

Popular K-drama on NewAsianTV

It’s hard to choose k-dramas by popularity because most of them are highly popular. Anyway top popular k-dramas you can watch on NewAsianTV are given below:

Crash Landing on You (2019): This drama series is a worldly hit in k-drama history. It’s a series of two separated Korea. A South Korean woman by accident crash land in North Korea, she gets to rescue by a North Korean guy who gets her back to her home going through many attempts. It’s a must-watch drama.

Itaewon Class (2020): A simple triangle love story with individual pride, success, and goal. Besides, tragedy and sacrifices brought a pure touch to this drama and made it more full of stories. Itaewon class is a fast forward drama so you will never get bored.

What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim(2018): It’s one of the most-watched k-dramas on NewAsianTV. It’s a romantic drama series with a laugh, cry, emotions, and touch of true love. What’s not in this drama? If you are looking for it, browse NewAsianTV now.

The Legend of the Blue Sea(2016): It’s a kind of drama that will make you hooked on k-drama. You will find an utterly wonderful cast & if you are a fan of fantasy then the legend of the blue sea is must-watch k-drama series for you.

Hwarang(2016): It’s a drama featuring famous k-pop boy band BTS-V. It is amazing with emotion, regret, and a little bit of comedy through war and justice. This drama will surely amaze you.

So don’t be late. Start streaming on NewAsianTV to watch all popular dramas and movies in high quality.


NewAsianTV is a site of wonder to explore more Asian drama. If you are a freaking fan of Korean dramas then no doubt you will be a fan of it as it gifts you fast streaming so that you can enjoy smoothly. So what is the big deal? Make your watching list and click on NewAsianTV.